Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Worn Shock Absorbers Can Reduce Stopping Distance by Up to 2.6 Meters

The primary role of your shock absorbers are to keep your tyres in constant contact with the road surface at all times.

If worn, it will reduce the contact with the ground causing your ability to drive, steer & brake to be severely compromised.

It is a vital component of your car that help keep you, your passengers and other road users safe.

7 Tell-Tale Signs of Worn Shock Absorbers

1. Increased braking distance

2. Nose diving or Swerving – bonnet dips when braking or slowing down

3. Steering wheel vibration or Pulsing

4. Car veers in side winds

5. Shake and Rattling noises

6. Uneven Tyre Wear

7. Clunking over bumps

If you experience any of the above, you can check it following this video:

When Should You Replace Your Shock Absorbers?

If they suffer from any of the symptoms above, make sure to check it following the video as a guide. If you are not sure give us a call on (03) 8521 3496.

The generally life expectancy depends on the way you drive, where you drive, what you drive, the load you carry and the weather conditions.

As a rule of thumb, they should be checked every 20,000 kms and replaced around 60-80,000 kms

What’s the Price to Replace Shock Absorbers?

 Shock Absorbers are generally replaced in pairs. i.e Front and Rear.

The prices normally range from $500-700 for the supply and fit of the front shock absorbers and around $400-$600 for rear shock absorbers.

The cost depends on the type of car shock absorbers you choose for your car. eg. the best or a budget friendly option.

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