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Mazda Service in Melbourne

Get your Mazda Serviced at K1 Motors today!

About Mazda

Mazda was founded by Jujiro Matsuda at Japan in 1920. Today, Mazda Motor Corporation is known for producing attractive, pleasant to drive cars, sold under “Zoom-Zoom” slogan. Mazda has carved out a niche that offers both sporty driving and fuel efficiency while being reliable and affordable.

In 2015 alone, Mazda has produced 1.5 million vehicles that sold around the world. Lately (August 2017), Mazda developed the “holy grail” of gasoline engines – HCCI SkyActiv-X, the revolutionary engine combines the free-revving characteristics of gasoline engine with the fuel efficiency, torque and fast initial response of a diesel unit which Mazda plans to implement in their cars in 2019.

About Us

At K1 Motors, with years of experience in the field our technician knows your car inside-out ! We provide a range of service from car repairing, panel beating, car spray painting, issuing Road Worthy Certificate and more.

Most importantly, getting your Mazda in Melbourne serviced every 6 months or a year to ensures your Mazda is functioning at its best so your driving experience is optimized.

Transparent affordable pricing and Communication  

Quality Without Compromise is what K1 Motors stands by when we deliver our service. However, with quality service it does not have to come with a huge price tag.

Our team will communicate with you before proceeding with servicing your Mazda in Melbourne. Additional repairs will only be conducted when authorized by customer. You can also choose between genuine and replacement parts when needed, so the price is tailored to your budget.

K1 Motors

We pride our-self in delivering affordable quality service efficiently, so if that is what you’re looking for in car servicing, look no further!

Give us a call now to inquire about our price or submit a quote now!

If it sounds like what you need 

Feel free to call our one of our friendly mechanics at (03) 8521-3496, walk-in, or send us a message for inquiry.

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