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Shock Absorber & Struts Replacement

Get your shocks & struts supplied and fitted starting from $500 (Pair)

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Did you know? That worn shock absorbers/struts can reduce stopping distance by up to 2.6 Meters!

Shocks and struts are an integral part of a vehicle’s handling and braking performance – read more to find out exactly what they do, the symptoms of when you need to replace, the process and the replacement cost.

What is a shock absorber/strut? & What does it do?

A shock absorber is usually a cylinder with two chambers that are filled with either liquid or a gas.

As the vehicle travels over a bump on the road, the shock absorber will than compress the liquid or gas. This helps absorb the bump therefore ensuring a smoother ride.

The primary role of your shock absorbers/struts is to keep your tyres in constant contact with the road surface at all times.

If worn, it will reduce the contact with the ground causing your ability to drive, steer & brake to be severely compromised.

used shock absorbers

What is the difference between a shock & a strut?

Struts and shocks are designed the same, except that the weight of the vehicle is on the strut itself while a shock is simply a link between two suspension parts.

As you can see from the diagram above – the strut is a little bit different as its connected to the steering system and the wheels. Where as the shock is not connected to the steering.

Some cars may have front struts and for the rear wheels use shocks.

When should you replace your shock absorbers/struts?

The generally life expectancy depends on the way you drive, where you drive, what you drive, the load you carry and the weather conditions.

As a rule of thumb, they should be checked every 20,000 kms and replaced around 60-80,000 kms.

What we recommend is to look for the sign of a worn shock/strut as its a more accurate assessment of when to replace them.

What are signs of worn shock absorbers/struts?

  1. Increased braking distance – taking you longer to come to a stop after applying the brakes.
  2. Steering wheel vibration
  3. Swerving or nose diving while braking – Bonnet dips when braking or slowing down.
  4. Uneven tyre wear – a worn shock or strut is unable to keep the tyres firmly on the ground. Therefore the part of the tyre that is not in contact with the road will not wear, causing uneven tyre wear.
  5. Leaking fluid – sometimes the seals around the shaft will begin to leak and the fluid will run down the side of the shock/strut. If there is a loss of fluid it will cause a loss of ability for the shock to perform cause there is less fluid in the chambers to compress.
  6. Tapping noises – normally from cracked bushing at attachments between the shocks and the car.
  7. Car veers in side winds.

You can do a quick check: By pushing the hood of your car down with your hands. If everything is fine, the car will come up and settle immediately. There may be a problem if your car bounces a few times.

What is the replacement cost of shock absorbers & struts?

Shock absorbers and Struts are normally replaced in pairs to ensure they are both balanced.

Generally, the cost of front shock absorbers for a fit and supply is around $600 – 800. Rear shocks range from $500 – $700 for supply and fit. Struts are similar in price. This will also include an wheel alignment.

Price Guide for Front Shock Absorbers (As of March 2021)

Toyota Camry 2008 – Front RH Side $350, Front LH Side $350

Honda Jazz 2007 – Front RH Side $300, Front LH Side $300

Ford Focus 2002 – Front RH Side $300, Front LH Side $300

Subaru 2004 Sedan – Front RH Side $340, Front LH Side $340

RH = Right Hand, LH = Left Hand

**Please Note: The above prices are FROM, plus GST, including labor and subject to the chosen type of the absorber.

All cars may be different so for an more accurate quote, please submit a message here – with your make, model and year and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

What is the process and how long will it take?

  1. The shocks/struts will be inspected
  2. If they require replace, the vehicle will be hoisted up and wheels removed.
  3. The old shocks/struts disassembled and discarded
  4. The new shocks/struts will be fitted and rest of the suspension inspected for worn or damaged components (If damaged, we will replace them with your approval as it’s more time efficient to do now than later)
  5. We may also need to perform a wheel alignment
  6. The wheels will be refitted and the vehicle tested for correction operation

It normally takes 2-3 hours to replace a pair of shocks/struts (if all 4 need replace it may take around 4 hours)


Shocks and struts are a crucial role of a vehicle’s handling and braking performance. Worn shocks can cause a car’s 100-to-0 braking distance to grow by ten feet!

So the next time you stop, imagine your car 10 feet ahead – as you can see, it can mean the difference between a minor accident or no accident to something more serious.

What we recommend is that if you are unsure whether or not you need to replace your shocks or struts – you can come in for a FREE inspection by a qualified mechanic to see if a replacement is necessary.

You can find our workshop at 62 Henderson Road, Clayton 3168 Victoria. We are located around 25mins from Melbourne CBD. 5 Minutes Walk from Monash Uni (Clayton Campus).

Alternatively, you can submit a message here with your make, model and year for a quote on replacement.

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