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Toyota Servicing in Melbourne

Get your Toyota serviced at K1 Motors today!

Keep Your Toyota on the Road 

As of 2016, Toyota is the world’s largest automotive manufacturer and also the first manufacturer to produce more than 10 million vehicles a year.

With over 80% of Toyota’s which were sold 20 years ago still on the road today, they are undeniably reliable and durable. And it is probably one of the reason why you own one today!

Nevertheless, they still need to be properly maintained and inspected to ensure the longevity and also safety of the vehicle.

We strive to provide timely, honest and quality services

At K1 Motors, we strive to provide timely, honest and quality Toyota service to all our customers as we believe in building long term relationships. We can provide general Toyota Servicing and Maintenance for your car in Melbourne at an affordable price. If there needs to be repairs, we properly inspect the problem notify and discuss the best options depending your budget before we undertake any repairs.

Experienced and knowledgeable

Our mechanics have a lot of experience with Toyota’s as that’s one of the most common vehicles we maintain and repair. Some of our services include both minor and major vehicle services, road worthy certificates, engine repairs, panel repairs, insurance claims and more.

In addition to manual checks, we also use the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure the vehicle is thoroughly examined so that you can drive safely without worrying.

To learn more about the Toyota servicing costs, it is best to get in touch with one of our technicians.

Have any other questions? 

Feel free to call our one of our friendly mechanics at (03) 8521-3496, walk-in, or send us a message.

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