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Car Spray Painting Melbourne

Get your car looking new again, with a car respray.

Are you looking for a car spray painter in Melbourne?

If you are, then look no further.

We do car spray painting for minor scratches to entire car resprays. Based in the South East Melbourne suburb of Clayton we spray paint cars and return them to sparkling new condition.

Get Your Car Back Quicker!

 We use state of the art technology, such as the Lowbake Oven (Australia’s largest and leading manufacturer of spraybooth oven technology for over 20 years) which reduces the drying time of your car by up to 70%.

This means you get your car back quicker!

Don’t you want the colour of your car to be the same?

Of course, you do. We believe in getting it done right, the first time.

So, we use a computer color matching system which blends the paints to the exact manufactures specifications ensuring your car will be the same color. Your’s friend’s won’t even notice you’ve been in an accident and you can keep it that way!

It may be a different story if you get your car painted by your friend who works from his garage. 

We use top brands such as DeBeer Refinish to make sure the colors last. 

Full Car Respray Service

Have you got minor scratches all over your car. It may be time to get your car resprayed too look new again! Again, you’d probably get a cheaper quote from the guy who runs his business from the garage. But we believe our prices are more affordable then most professional panel shops in Melbourne.

Who would you rather work on your car?

A team which has done spray painting for hundreds or even thousands of cars collectively or a guy who has done a few. We’ll let you decide.

View our Before and After

So What’s the Cost of a Full Car Respray?

The price depends on the size of the car, with small cars starting from $5000 +gst and medium – large from $6000 +gst.

Things that might effect the cost might be scratches and dents or if you want to change to a different colour (not the original colour). See the table below for some example estimates.

Nissan Tiida Hatchback-No Damage
-Change colour from Beige to Black
$3500-$4500 plus gst inside and outside (engine bay not included)See Image
Volkswagon Caddy- No damage
- Just want to change the colour of the car from red to white or black.
Change colour $4500-$5500 plus gst depend on condition. (Engine bay not included)See Image
Ef Ford Falcon- Minor Damage
- Restore to original colour
Repair and repaint $4000-$5000 plus gst depend conditionSee Image
2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo- Few Scratches
- Respray
Repair and repaint $3500-$4500 plus gst depend on conditionSee Image
2007 Subaru Impreza-No Damage
-Repaint from Silver to Blue
Change colour $4000-$5000 plus gst paint inside and outside (engine bay not included)
2002 Holden Monaro- No damage
- Restore original metallic black
- Change to matte black
Restore original metallic black = $3000-$4000 plus gst
change to matte black = $4000-$5000 plus gst
2008 Ford Mondeo Zetec Red Sedan- No Damages
- Require full repaint in black or white color (Change Colour)
Change colour $4000-$5000 plus gst depend on condition. (Engine bay not included)
1997 Mazda mx5- Original colour respray
- Change colour with door jambs painted but not boot or under bonnet
Same colour outside only $3000-$4000 plus gst
Change colour with door jams $4000-$5000 depend on condition.
Toyota Yaris Hatch-No Damage
-Whole car re-sprayed matte black
$3500-$4500 plus gst inside and outside (engine bay not included)
2000 Toyota Rav4- Peeling paint on bonnet and driver side front corner panelRepaint bonnet and Rh guard $800 plus gstSee Image
2016 Holden Calais VChange from Black to either Purple, Pink purple or Aqua$4500-$5500 plus gst depend on condition (engine bay not included)
2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STIChange from White to Subaru World Rally Blue$4500-$5500 plus gst depend on condition (engine bay not included)
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer CL - No Damage
- Just repaint to same colour
$3000-$4000 outside same colour depend on condition
2005 Toyota Corolla- Roof and bonnet severely faded. Clear coat peeling off
- Whole car respray
- Outside and same colour $3500-$4500 plus gst depend on car condition.See Image
2018 Subaru Impreza- No Damage
- Change Colour
- $4500-$5500 plus gst (engine bay not included)

For a more accurate quote, send us your details and photos of car and we’ll get back to you asap.

(We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Also feel free to just walk in to our workshop.)

Our Process of Car Spray Painting

Below is a very general guide to the process detailing how your car will be spray painted.

Step 1

A visual inspection will be conducted – marking areas which may be damaged. i.e. scratches, dents



Area to be painted will be cleaned with wax and grease remover to help paint adhesion.



The car will then be baked for 15-20 minutes in our Low-bake Oven. This promotes adhesion and also speeds up the drying process.


Any trims, lights, emblems that affect the quality of repair will be temporarily removed.



We will use a clean cloth to remove any remaining dust and particles before painting.



The masking applied earlier will be removed.


We will repair & fix damaged areas – finish off with sanding to ensure a flat and even surface.



We start off by applying 2-3 layers of base coat with 15-20 minute intervals in between.



Finally, we will refit all the parts together.



Before we begin, we will mask areas with tape or masking film which will not need to be painted.



After drying, 2-3 clear coats will be applied to the surface to give it a shining appearance.



Give your car a pre-delivery wash and contact you to collect your car.

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