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Owning a Citroën

In Australia, Citroen sales is less than 0.2% of vehicles sold, translate into only about 1500 sales annually. So owning a Citroen is like being in a small but select group of people. It is fun, daring, and one of a kind! But despite so, it is ultimately a reliable and impressive brand that design its vehicles based on criteria like performance, fit, finish, premium materials and standard equipment levels. People might stop you here and there to ask you: “What is that car?” But until then, it is like your little secret.

In early 2014, Citroen upped it’s warranty of C4 Picasso and DS car range to a remarkable six years including roadside assistance. But if you finished your Citroen warranty and do not want to pay premium to get it serviced at dealership, where should you go?

How often should you service your Citroën

Generally, you should service your car every 12 months or 12000 months whichever occurs first. Servicing your car regularly not only ensure your  Citroën performs at its optimum level, it also helps detect minor problems that small bucks can fix instead of when the problem turns big and your car breaks down on the road side.

Research have also shown, second hand car with a full service history can be sold 26% more expensive than the same models without.

Don’t pay ridiculous price for the same service

At K1 Motors, we strive to provide affordable service without compromising for quality. Without compromising the quality is the keyword, with mechanics that have over a decade or even two in the industry, you can rest assured servicing your Citreon in Melbourne have never been so easy. Our price beat guarantee and 12 month or 10,000 km warranty on our workmanship, you can have your peace of mind even after the servicing is done.

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