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Audi Service in Melbourne

Get your Audi serviced today by K1 motors

Your Audi

Audi is one of the German automotive brand that is world-renowned for its high quality built and sleek looking interior and exterior design. It separates itself from Volkswagen by introducing their first V8 in 1990 and built a range of luxury cars over time, as well as one of a kind models like the R8 Supercar and TT roadster. Nowadays, it is known as a world-class luxury brand that rivals with its German automotive competitor. However, to consistently enjoy what your beautiful Audi could provide, it is recommended to service your Audi in Melbourne every 6 months or annually depends on car usage.

Affordable Price Tag, Premium Work

In one of our surveys, out of 21 customers, 18 said they will happily return! “Why?” you would ask because in K1 motors we believe the core of building a long-standing business is the quality of service itself. With our experienced head-mechanic, we meant it when we say he knows your car inside out. However, another secret of keeping our customers happy is our transparent and affordable pricing.

Servicing your Audi at K1 Motors

While getting your car serviced with us, you can rest at our cozy reception, get a coffee and hop onto the internet. The most standard servicing check ups should be completed within 90 minutes. If there is anything we found that needs to be fixed, it will solely proceed only after getting your permission. 

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For further inquiry or quote, feel free to call us at 8521-3496, message us or walk-in.

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