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Honda Service in Melbourne

Get your Honda serviced at K1 Motors today!

About Honda

Honda Motor Company, was founded by Soichiro Honda in 1946 and is considered one of the leading company in the motorcycle industry, what you might not know is Honda also produces internal combustion engines for other applications, producing more than 14 millions of them each year.

As dreams inspired Soichiro Honda to create the company, Honda with the tagline – “The power of dreams” have the vision of reducing 50% of CO2 emissions in their products by 2050 and develop vehicles model that produces 0 collison by 2040 and strive to create intelligent products that enhance mobility and increase the joy in people’s lives.

Servicing your Honda

At K1 Motors, other than car fixing and painting and other works, we provide the option of log book servicing (following service book by the manufacturer) or our Standard Service (older models). With our experienced technician taking care of your car, you can sit in our cozy reception with free wifi connection while you wait, rest assured your car are in good hands.

Affordability and Trustworthiness

Afraid of being ripped off? At K1 Motors we strive to provide honest service and transparent pricing, in fact our customer based are built on good reputation and word-of-mouth, you can find reviews on your Facebook page and Google. On top of that, we do not compromise for quality of service as we believe the core of a business is the products and services it produce.

To learn more about your Honda servicing costs, call our friendly staff now and learn about the available service that tailored to your budget and needs!

Have any Other Questions? 

Feel free to call our one of our friendly mechanics on (03) 8521-3496, walk in or send us a message.

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