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“Get Ridiculously Affordable Tyre Replacements Fitted and Balanced in Less than 45 Mins”

If you are looking for a big franchise brand or sharp salesman in suits you find at your dealership then you won’t find one here. But if you are looking for a friendly local mechanic that relies on providing an excellent service for loyal customers to stay in business then you’ve come to the right place.

In fact, our philosophy has always been ensuring that customers are happy with our service – so happy they’d recommend us to their family and friends, and yes it always helps that we sleep well at night!

You’re probably here cause you need to get some new tyres for your car as they’re worn – which can be dangerous since you have less grip on the road, especially in wet conditions.

Did you know?

In the USA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that around 400 fatalities occur each year due to tyre failures…

So When Do You Need New Tyres?

The legal requirement by Vic Roads is a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.


Though any professional mechanic will you that you should get them replaced at 2mm or even at 3/4mm (especially important if you are constantly driving in wet conditions)

Alternatively, you can look at the Tread Wear Indicators (TWI) which is the small blocks of rubber within the tread at certain points around the tyre.


If these tread wear indicators are in contact with the roads surface – then it’s illegal to drive around in them.

Besides, the legal requirements – it’s also wise to get it checked if your tyre is older than 6 years old as it will deteriorate as the rubber loses its suppleness through the drying out of moisture and oils.

The Tyres age can be checked by looking at the side wall of the tyre. It will have a four digit number.

The first 2 digits represent the week it was made and the last 2 digits will be the year.

For example 2404 – would mean 24th week of 2004


As you can see these tyres are from 2004 – more than 11 years ago. The maximum service age of tyres is 10 years, regardless of use. So these tyres definitely need replacing.

A recent study conducted by Continental Tyres shows that if the tread of your tyres are at 1.6mm compared to 7mm,  your  braking distance increases by 30 meters slowing down from 100 kmph to 60 kmph in wet conditions.

That could be the difference between life and death as you could stop much earlier to avoid collision all together, if not it will reduce the impact dramatically.

Other Indications Showing You Need New Tyres:

1) Irregular Tread Wear – as this could mean you may need a wheel alignment, suspension is worn or you have been driving with tyres under or over-inflated. It may also be caused by regularly towing trailer or caravan – even a driving style that creates more stress than normal. Depending on the situation the tyres can be rotated from front to rear in pairs and vice versa.

2) Abnormal Bulges, Cracks or Cuts in the Sidewall – this could mean the internal frame is damaged or cracked allowing the air pressure to flexible outer layers of the tyre.

 In case of this situation the tyres should be replaced immediately regardless of how much tread is left.

As this is very dangerous and can cause sudden failure or blowout and at highway speeds it could be fatal.

If You Are Still Unsure...

 Give us a call on 8521 3496


Visit us at 62 Henderson road, Clayton 

and speak with one of our friendly staff

We Offer Free Tyre Inspections


Fitting, Balancing & Disposal Start from $40 Per Tyre*

*(not including cost of tyres)

We Also Fix Tyre Punctures (From $30)


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Please note: If they punctured at the sidewall or shoulder area of the radial ply – they cannot be repaired (Vic Roads Standards)

Benefits of Getting Your Tyre Replaced at K1 Motors

1) No Nasty Surprises

If we find any issues with your car, we let you know and get your approval before doing any work.

2) Save time and Reduce Stress

Should you have any complaints/problems (though they are rare, we always aim to do it right the first time) You can let us know directly and not on the line waiting to speak to some regional manager.

3) Convenience

If you don’t know which tyres are best for your car – we have a tyre specialist who will recommend the top tyre for your budget. No more browsing the internet for hours. Drop off your car – let us know your preferences and we’ll find one that suits your needs.

P.S. Enjoy a Cup of Coffee in Our Cosy Lounge & Be Back On the Road in 45 Mins – Bookings Essential

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