Parking Sensor Installation

Parking Sensor Installation

Don’t You Want To Reduce The Risk of Injury and Costly Accidents?

If you want to increase the risk of injuring your family and others, damage to your car and always be yelled at by other road users for taking so long to park then you can leave this page now. But if you would like to keep your family, pets, and other people safe and save a ton of money by reducing the chances of reversing into a pole then read on.

 You are probably here because you’re looking for quality rear parking sensors for your car that you can trust and rely on every time you are trying to park your car in tight situations. Good! Cause your behind the times if you don’t have one…

So How Do Parking Sensors Work?

4 ultrasonic sensors are installed into the rear bumper of your car. When you put your gear into reverse, the device activates.

The sensors then make a beeping noise, and the frequency of the beep increases as your car moves closer to any surrounding objects.

It generally starts to increase in frequency when the object is 150cm away down to 30cms when it emits a constant beeping tone. An optional display for the dashboard can also show the actual distance in cm’s too.


  1. Colour coded parking sensors – means that they will match perfectly with the colour of your car.
  2. 4 Reverse Sensors, with a distance display for dashboard.
  3. Leading Ultrasonic Detection Technology
  4. Fast and Accurate Performance
  5. Audible beeping alert (beeper can be switched off)
  6. Automatically engages when changing to reverse gear
  7. Programmable to ignore tow-bars


  1. Reverse with increased safety and reduce the risk of injury – avoid objects, people, kids and pets.
  2. Greater Confidence – Fit into any tight parking spot on a busy road the 1st time.
  3. Easier to park in wet/dark conditions where visibility is low
  4. Prevents costly accidental damage to your car and others, avoiding costly repairs in the future or increasing insurance premium.
  5. Save Time – Our Installations are generally less than 90mins for standard vehicles (bookings essential)

So How Much Does It Cost For Rear Parking Sensors?

No, it’s not going to cost you an arm and leg like what dealers charge you.

In fact it only costs $199 – fitted, colour matched with a 24 Month Warranty and a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

$199 Fully Installed*

Considering you insurance excess fee is probably around $800-1000 and repairs for bumpers is at least a few hundred dollars for the smallest damage. Then this would be probably one of the smartest investments you will ever make for yourself.

P.S. This Offer is Subject to Availability and May be Withdrawn without Notice.

P.S.S. What excuse do you have when your friends ask you why don’t you have Rear Parking Sensors?

*Price is for Sedans and Hatch. Wagons and 4WD’s will incur an extra charge of $50.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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