Not at Fault Accidents

What you need to know about Not at fault accidents

We have all been there where another person accidentally damages our car and its not our fault. Some people may have comprehensive insurance where you know that you are fully covered, but such event causes alot of stress and inconvenience. Especially if you require your car everyday to get to work so it can be quite an hassle, so K1 Motors is here to help.

Understand Your Rights

It’s your car, it’s not your fault, So It’s your right to CHOOSE your own repairer!

Generally, insurance companies will send your car to be repaired at one of their network of repairers to ensure a cost effective solution, which is understandable since they want to pay the minimum amount possible for each claim. These network of repairers may be pressured to use non-genuine parts and the level of service and repairs may NOT be their utmost priority. In using non-genuine parts may void the manufacturers warranty, so best to check! But…

You have the right to choose us as your preferred repairer and it could benefit you in a number of ways:

1. We are not pressured to use non-genuine parts

2. Our Priority is delivering a quality service that you will happy with and tell your friends about!

3. We’ll arrange a similar car to yours during the repair process

What Happens Next…

Once we determine that you are not at fault, your car will be independently assessed and we’ll deal with the insurance company. You can get back to life while we get your car back to pre accident condition as quick as possible without compromising quality!

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