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 Brakes Service Melbourne

Change Your Brake Pads Before It’s Too Late…

You’re probably aware, changing your brake pads at the dealerships is ridiculously expensive.

Why spend all that money on something you can get for half that price and still have the same quality of work. 

Yes, we have a guarantee on workmanship for your peace of mind.

When Should You Change Your Brake Pads?

One of the major symptoms to change your brake pads, is when it makes a squealing noise when you apply the brakes.

This is when the wear indicator (a small piece of metal) grinds against the rotor, when your pads have reached a certain level.

Other symptoms include:

1. A spongy brake pedal

2. A grinding sound when stepping on the brake pedal

3. The car pulling to one side when braking

4. The brake warning light illuminating

5. The brake pedal being hard to press

Another good rule of thumb is when your pads are below 25% when inspecting them.

Waiting is Going to be Costly…

If the brake pad are worn out, then it can leave deep,  circular shaped marks and grooves on the disc rotor.

This causes an uneven surface on the disc rotors which will need replacing or machining.

Which cost significantly more than changing your brake pads. Save the money and the headaches by addressing the issues in a timely manner.

Don’t risk your safety on a critical safety item

You may be temped to do it yourself, but if you don’t have an extensive tool kit, change your own engine oil, filters, spark plugs etc. 

Then why learn a rarely used skill, get your hands all dirty, risk injury just so save $100?

Brake Pad Replacement Cost

For a set of cheap generic brand brake pads start from $130 to $180+ for higher quality pads  such as Bendix.

We recommend higher quality pads for all vehicles as they are more durable and less likely to make noises.

During replacement, we will check the brake fluids and also the disc rotors.

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