Automatic Transmission Service


“The Fluid In Your Transmission Is It’s Lifeblood, Ignore It Is To Risk An EXPENSIVE Meltdown”

To be perfectly honest, you can easily replace and flush your transmission fluid by following a few YouTube videos and reading the forums. I have even embedded the videos at the end of the page for your convenience.

But if you don’t want to get your hands full of grease, buy the tools and equipment and want to spend your time doing what you enjoy. Then you might want to continue reading. Either way, some more knowledge won’t hurt and probably will save you thousands.

So What Exactly Is An Automatic Transmission?

It is also known as an automatic gearbox. It’s job is to help to automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves.

The transmission basically transfers the power from the engine to the wheels, without it then your car wouldn’t move.

For a more detailed explanation, please read this article and watch this video.

A Full Transmission Replacement is One of the Most Expensive

Procedures a Mechanic Can Perform For A Vehicle.


Transmission repairs and replacements cost a lot, takes a long time to fix which results in a lot of stress for you. So it is important to watch for some of these symptoms below and get your car inspected at the first sign of trouble.

Here Are Most Common Symptoms:

1. Transmission is slipping between gears while driving or popping back to neutral.

2. Grinding/Clunking/Humming noises – especially when in neutral

3. Burnt smells

4. Grinding or Thumping when gear changes instead of smooth transitions

5. Lag/Delay between gear changes and/or higher than normal RPMs for a given speed or gear change.

6. Clutch is dragging (manual transmission) – clutch stays engaged and causes grinding noises when trying to shift.

7. Leaking fluid

8. Refuses to go into gear (manual transmission)

Here’s What You Can Do Now (If you haven’t already)

So When Should I Get a Auto Transmission Service

(transmission fluid change)?

Generally around once every 50,000 – 100,000 kms which may be dependent on how you drive and in what environment.

Is it also highly recommended to clean the pan and replace the filter. The reason is because it usually contains a lot of contaminants which has built up over time, if it mixes with the new fluid then it would be pointless changing the fluid in the first place.

How Much Does a Transmission Service Cost?

There are many factors that effect the price of a transmission service, some include:

– Where you live, the type of car, value of car, type of fluid, how much you use and exactly what you want done.

Generally it will cost around $100 – $300 for in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne. (we’re based in Clayton)

But considering the repairs on the transmission or replacement is into the thousands of dollars, then it’s probably a smart choice to check your transmission fluid regularly and get it serviced at the recommended intervals before it’s too late!


You, the owner of your car are already paying for ever increasing petrol prices, high insurance premiums and  yearly car registration fees. Every time you think you’ve paid your bills, another one pops up then you’ve gotta pay your taxes.

But if you insist that this can wait, here’s what you have to look forward to in the future:

– Basic Repairs $1000 – $2000+

– Replacement $1800 – $3500+

– Salvage yard $1000 – $1500+

– Rebuilt $1500 – $2500+

– Re manufactured $2500 – $3500+

Those above is the average cost if something goes wrong with the transmission and needs to be fixed/replaced. (Not including the stress of not having your car when you need it most!)

When you bring your car, here’s what we’ll do for you:


1. We will always talk with you in plain English. No Mechanic babble.

2. We take your car, inspect the area and manuals before performing the job.

3. If there are other parts that require further attention, we will always contact you before doing anything. No nasty surprises.

4. Help you understand the problem

5. Fix the car on time, at a competitive rate. (it might not be the cheapest, but we do NOT pull you in with a cheap quote and add hidden charges!)

6. Make sure to give us a call on (03) 8521 3496 and make an appointment today! (we can only fix a certain number of cars per day!)

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P.P.S. Take care of your car, and it will take care of you!


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